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On this page you see the search results produced by your choices.  The results table contains several columns.  These columns are:  a checkbox, the rank of the community according to the search criteria, the name of the city and the state, the values of several of the primary categories, and finally the overall score, according to your chosen criteria. 

You can sort in either ascending or descending order by any of the columns, by clicking on the header.  You can select up to six communities using the checkboxes, and then click on the Compare button, to see a side-by-side comparison of the communities.  You can click on an individual city name to see the report for that city.  You can, of course, go back to previous steps and change your choices.  You can also change the number of cities displayed per page.

Finally, by clicking on the Refine Search button, you can be taken to the next-to-last (4th) step of the Advanced Search, with all of the values filled in based on the choices you have made previously.  If you did not start out with the Advanced Search, this is your opportunity to achieve the full flexibility of searching, yet only have to change the values you would like to change!  Please be aware that once you go to the advanced search, you may not be able to get back to the other searches by using the Prev button.  You can always start a new search if you so desire.

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