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Finding the right place. City data, comparison and search.

Finding the right place to live isn't always easy. Cost living index is important factor that almost all people consider. We provide several price related indexes on our site. In addition to regular cost living index we provide volatile one. Cost living index that we calculate takes in account all the expences including federal, state, local income and property taxes. Volatile index enables easier cost living comparison between cities in the same region where non-volatile expences are about the same. There are many other factors to consider, and these factors are different for different people. A couple with young children probably considers schools important.
A retiree might consider climate, low real estate taxes, and access to medical care. Town Hunter lets you choose the factors which are right for you, and shows you the best matches.
Calculate Cost living comparison between different places.
Calculate Morgage payments or compare options.
Know an ideal place? Find one just like it across the country.

Or, answer a few simple questions about what is important to you, and use our quick city search

Build your ideal city by using what you like about several others.

If you want a truly customized experience, use our Advanced Search for complete flexibility and power in your searching.
City reports provide detailed information about every community in our database.

Side-by-side comparison of up to six communities lets you see how they stack up against each other.

Top 100 list let you choose which factor to rank by, and see which communities lead the way. Among factors are house price, resident age, crime and school indexes.
We have data on tens of thousands of communities, with information on schools, crime, living expenses, the environment, and more. Come and see what we have for you!
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